Richard Harder began his leadership development and consulting career in the healthcare industry and has since become a sought after speaker, trainer and consultant to a wide range of organizational leaders. His primary focus is in leadership and organizational development as well as performance coaching for leaders at all levels within organizations. Other training and development services include customer service skills training, basic and advanced leadership skills, harassment prevention compliance, and equal employment opportunity considerations in employment as well as training on how to avoid and minimize wrongful termination claims.

Richard Harder & Associates presents high energy workshops and training seminars custom-designed to meet your organization’s unique change strategies and performance improvement initiatives. All professional development seminars, on-site workshops and consulting projects focus on positive individual, managerial, and organizational change outcomes.

The skill-based workshops or consulting projects facilitated within your organization may involve small or large groups of learners. Those attending our training seminars and workshops find the experience to be uplifting, educational, meaningful, and job-relevant. Our training sessions will position your team members in a direction that will be beneficial to you as a leader and helpful to your organization as a whole. Richard Harder & Associates leadership development seminars can be facilitated within your organization or at an off-site location of your choice.

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