The purpose of performance coaching is to provide support, advice, consultation and encouragement to an individual leader or group of selected leaders to help them recognize ways in which they can improve their effectiveness and productivity within their business or organization when managing individuals, teams and multiple tasks.

Sometimes there are needs in an organization where your leadership team members can use a lift in certain professional areas. Common areas include:

Leadership Style • Positive Interpersonal Communications • Time Management • Organizational Skills • Teamwork • Employee Accountability • Managing Change & Conflict • Strategic Project Management • Goal Setting • Managing Difficult Employee Behavior • Problem Solving Skills

Performance coaching can be helpful in developing increased effectiveness, performance and influence for leaders and team members within your

You may be a pro in this area or you may consider these topics to be tedious and confusing. We will work with you to help better educate your team members on specific areas of human resource management compliance. Our compliance training topics include:

EEO Considerations In Employment • Harassment Prevention • Positive Employee Relations • Avoiding & Defending Wrongful Termination Claims
Every business involves sales – whether selling services or products. An organization’s reputation within the business community is often based on outstanding customer service. Some of the training areas we cover include:
Positive Customer Service & the Financial Bottom-Line
• Understanding & Meeting Customer Service Expectations
• Exceptional Customer Service Skills • Managing The Difficult Customer
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