Organizational leaders are often placed in positions by title and struggle in getting sustained commitment from members of their team – or, a leader may already be effective and you may wish to help that leader to increase his or her productivity level. You may have a leader who struggles with his or her influence on the team. In such cases, a leadership development workshop may prove beneficial for members of your leadership team or in a one-on-one performance coaching setting for team members.

Richard Harder & Associates will help you determine which areas are most relevant for your leadership and organizational development strategies. All information regarding your organization’s needs is held in strict confidence. You are encouraged to speak freely during preliminary consultation meetings to provide the insights necessary to construct an effective curriculum outline for your custom seminars or workshops. Here are some possible areas of focus:

BASIC Leadership Style & Influence
Positive Interpersonal Communications
Employment Interviewing Skills
Performance Coaching & Counseling
Performance Documentation & Communication
Basic Employment Law
Time Management & Organizational Skills
ADVANCED Managing High Performance Teams
Managing Change & Conflict
Problem Solving Skills
Employee Motivation & Empowerment
Managing Diverse Work Groups
Strategic Project Management
Employment Litigation Avoidance
Managing Difficult Employee Behavior


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